Supporting New Majority entrepreneurs, businesses and communities to create more equity, innovation and impact for everyone.

The Good Hood Foundation manages general and donor-advised funds that are donated to support businesses, organizations and initiatives that are

  • Aiding the growth and sustainability of businesses that are led by and/or employ Black and other underrepresented persons
  • Increasing the numbers and success of Black and other underrepresented entrepreneurs,
  • Addressing the physical, social, cultural and economic needs of Black and minority communities,
  • And other initiatives that advance economic and social equity.

The Good Hood Foundation is a 501 (c)3 corporation chartered in the State of Ohio. All donations are fully tax-dedictible.

**Special Initiative, December 07-31, 2022: All Donations to Good Hood will be earmarked for the Trep House Scholarship Fund* and matched by an anonymous supporter

*if you intend your donation for a differnent purpose, please send an email to

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Make a One-TimeDonation of $500, $250, $100, $50 or $20.

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What do Good Hood Foundation funds do?

Here’s a few examples

  • Entrepreneurial Scholarships. Good Hood Foundation funds support low-income New Majority business founders and small business owners who need to build their skills and find their way to impact and generational wealth growth. Scholarship recipients receive full access to the Trep House virtual superhub, which provides training, mentorship, vendor network, community and more.
  • Innovations in affordable and transitional housing. Through our partnership with Design2Build, a New Majority cooperative business focused on cargotecture, Good Hood Foundation enables the construction and installation of high quality container-based housing units, which are idea for affordable housing, supportive housing, or students.
  • Conferences and events. Good Hood funds help low-income business and community builders discover new ideas and new solutions by enabling them to attend national conferences, meet-ups and more. At these events, they can overcome the isolation that many experience, discover new solutions and perspectives, find potential funders and sponsors, and re-energize themselves.
  • Fiscal Agency. New Majority founders and other grassroots impact-makers often pursue public-benefitting work without being able to offer donors the benefits of charitable nonprofit contributions. Why? Establishing a nonprofit involves costs and management skills that many don’t have available to them. The Good Hood Foundation manages and maitains documentation for grassroots partners that need it, so that they can focus on making their best impact.

Our Mission

The Good Hood Foundation exists to support efforts to advance racial, economic, cultural, physical and social equity.

Our History

The Good Hood Foundation was conceived by Trep House and Design 2 Build founder Kemo A’akhutera as a vehicle for advancing the charitable work of these and other for-profit and nonprofit social impact organizations, particularly those that are working to increase entrepreneurship and employment among Black, minority and other underrepresented persons, as well as to address other challenges in disadvantaged communities that impact the economic, physical and social health of their residents.

After several years of concept development, The Good Hood Foundation was chartered in 2021